SIGILLVM - Seals and Sealing: History, Art, Preservation

Welcome to the SIGILLVM-website

SIGILLVM is an international and interdisciplinary network in the first instance for all those interested in medieval European seals and sealing practices. It is intended to expand the field covered to include seals from other cultures and periods in the near future. 

As a member of SIGILLVM you will form part of an international community which aims to promote and support the study of seals. Members include archivists, museum and heritage professionals, conservators, academic researchers and teachers, private collectors and people with a general interest in seals. Membership therefore will provide you with the opportunity to share information, ideas and news with people with a wide range of interests and expertise.

In keeping with our international character, we communicate mainly via the internet and this website is the keystone of our work. For more information on membership and registration follow the link to the membership section of this site.

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