Archivists' Group within SIGILLVM

Members of SIGILLVM will need no persuading of the potential importance of seals as an historical and cultural record – nor do most archivists. The International Council on Archives set up a Committee on Sigillography in 1958 to raise the profile of seals among all those who look after documents and to promote good practice in storing, cataloguing and conserving them. Works published under its aegis include:

In 2004 all permanent committees of the International Council were abolished, but a new Provisional Section on Sigillography was set up. In practice it has proved impossible to meet the criteria to make this a permanent Section of the International Council, and it will automatically cease to exist from the summer of 2012. However, it is hoped that an Archivists' Group within SIGILLVM will be able to carry on the work of the Committee and Provisional Section. Anyone registering as a member of SIGILLVM will be asked whether they are an archivist or other curator of seals; it is hoped that all who are will reveal this, so that from the start we can have a strong and well supported Archivists' Group. While it cannot be a Committee or Section, it is expected that the Group will be associated in some way with the International Council, giving it professional links and professional status.

 It is expected too that the Group will make a significant contribution to the work of SIGILLVM as a whole – and not least to this website.